10/14/2016 Coffee with Principal Minutes

Coffee With The Principal 

Friday October 14, 2016
HSA Board Krista Santos President
                 Margie Shields Treasurer
                Jodi Ruggiero Vice Principal of Fund Raising
Principal Dan Moser
20 plus in Attendance
*Mr. Moser opened meeting with a prayer
*HSA President Krista Santos : Introductions
Minutes will be posted on Principals Blog. Look for link on main page of our website.
Cougar Crawl: 10/21 (rain date 10/27)
Cougar crawl will start at 11:00 am.  Lunch will be served- pizza & chips donated by local businesses.
5th-8th grade will have lunch first- Lower grades will be in gym for pep rally.
Notre Dame & Bethlehem Catholic High School bands will be at Cougar Crawl.
Around 2pm Popsicles/Raffles/Prizes
T-Shirts to come home Wednesday 10/19/2016-designed by 8th grade student.
39 volunteers signed up to help at Cougar Crawl
Assignments still  have not been given out yet.
All Clearances must be met to help at Cougar Crawl.
Monies raised at Cougar Crawl to be used for phone system for all rooms – to communicate with office , other teachers, etc.
Kristen Bedics will line the course for Cougar Crawl.
Mr. Harry Reese will be the Master of Ceremonies this year- a secret for students.
HSA Vice President Jodi Ruggiero:
OLPH Sock Fundraiser-grossed $671
OLPH Teen Bingo grossed $1927
Upcoming Fundraisers : Chipotle Night – 11/7/2016:Chipotle will donate 50% of proceeds purchased by OLPH
                                    Vera Bradley Bingo 11/18/2016 Send ticket orderes through school C/O Bridget 8th Grade
                                    Need Purse Sponsors ( Name will go in program)
                                    Need Volunteers for helping at Bingo.
Treasurers report: Discussed $85,000 commitment to church andf the need to support our fundraisers so that we will be bale to pay back the commitment.
Gift Certificate Program : Angel Weed
                                     Sheryl Kral
                                     Target & Dunkin Donut cards now available.  Do not count towards tuition credit- but purchasing these cards will go towards your HSA Gift Certificate program amount.
Please purchase Chipolte Gift Certificates for use at OLPH  Chipotle Night
Sheryl Proposed 7th & 8th graders to make a speech at masses promoting a contest to be entered in to win $25 Wegmans gift certificate.  Contest guidelines are for every $50 in gift Certificates purchased receive a chance to win gift card.
Kid Stuff Books: Continue to send in orders for kidstuff books- $25.00 a book.  Receive 50% back in tuition credit.
Box Tops: Belinda Lauro introduced as Box Top chairperson.  Please send in Box Top – need to be handed in within two weeks time.
                  Send in Labels for Education – last year the company will be honoring this program- please send in labels quickly.
 Giant Aplus rewards: Krista will check to make sure we are still registered.  Encourage all families in school to register their Giant reward card numbers.
School Carnival: Friday 10/28/2016. Also an early dismissal say.
Trunk or Treat: 10/31/2016 will be Kindergarten & 8th grades annual Trunk or Treat activity. Mr. Moser will check if parents need clearances.
Catholic Schools Weeks: 01/29/2017-02/04/2017
                                               Events for this week will be decided upon in the next few weeks.
Tricky Tray – New Chair Persons for this upcoming seasons fundraisers.  Volunteers are still needed.
Meeting to come out and see what the committee is all about on 10/18/2016 in school Library
No theme has been picked yet.
Remind Account:
Increases communication with parents & school
A link will be available on school website for signing up.
Sign up for reminders and information
An alert will be sent out when changes are made.
Easy Signup:
AT text menu type in 81010
in message section type @f722eff
hit send and a message will be sent to your phone.
Krista encouraged positive open communication for school to grow, but still encouraged people to voice concerns to proper people.
Principal Moser Announced special events in November
:Kindergarten Nights  for 2017/2018 School Year Preparations
11/15/16: National Reader Day – Families interested in our Kindergarten are invited to come spend some time in classroom.  Encouraged current kindergarten families to come as well.
11/16/16: Community Night at Bethlehem Township Community Center- OLPH will have a table set up for this event.
11/29/2016: Registration open for enrollment for Kindergarten 2017/2018 season.
Parent Teacher Conferences:
11/3/2016 & 11/4/2016
Meetings will be based on progress reports, not report cards due to new trimester format.
Registration for Parent Teacher Conferences begin next week.  Instructions on how to register will be sent via email.
5th grade is doing a food drive for the month of October.  They asked Mr. Moser for permission- clas with most food donated will win a Popsicle party.
No Shave November- Mr. Moser encouraged parent participation – would like to see some Dads join him in dying their beards for this cause.
Bethlehem Catholic & Notre Dame  High-schools will be having Homecoming Nights.  Bethlehem Catholic invited all OLPH Band members to come out and perform with their band.
Dress down days were dedicated to making donations to support Notre Dames Gala and Bethlehem Catholic Gift Auction.
Upcoming Field Trips: 8th Grade Washington DC Pilgrimage to National Shrine.  Happens once every 3 years,
7th grade will be Visiting Philadelphia along with 8th grade.
Power School : Changes are due to updates.  Some updates have caused glitches.  One glitch was in Music- these grades will be fixed within a week or so. The grades currently posted are not correct.
AN option is to default to G so students will be able to still make high honors.
Newsletter: New format is being used this year.  Tried to make it look less overwhelming.  Any questions or ideas may be directed to Mr. Moser.
A new newsletter will be sent today.
Next Coffee with the Principal will be held on November 18 2016.
Questions from Attendees:
Progress on filling Spanish Teacher position? Mr. Moser explained trying to fill position since mid August.  2 candidates were offered- but declined.  2 candidates were not qualified.
Substitute teacher has been considered. Current teachers have been trying to implement some Spanish.
Security updates: 16 additional cameras were installed last week.  G-365 program grant from the Diocese: Program talks about havig a safety plan.  School had as security Audit – which checks our safety drills, evacuating, etc.
A parent voiced that recess monitors should have communication devices.  Walkie Talkies are available for these positions.  Not all recess monitors were aware of these devices.
Doors open from 8:05-8:25 AM for students to enter school.  Mr. Moser checks that all doors are locked after 8:25 .  A parent mentioned a buzzer should be available at all doors.
Cameras record everything.
Mr. Moser explained there have been times when people were turned away form school if security guidelines were not followed.
It was stated that people should not hold doors for people to enter the building without sking to be buzzed in.
Police have been called due to speeders in parking lot.
A suggestion to put up a sign that says “No thru traffic”
Extended Care pickup – BEFORE 4pm; go to school front door.
                                      AFTER 4:30pm got to gym entrance
Quotes for a new phone system are being set up.  Company’s listed are Ironton Phone, Guyette, & RCN
Approx estimates are between $15,000-$17,000 possible payment plan for 2 years.
Parish Craft Show and Food Truck festival coming up- will be posted on social media.
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