No Shave November Olph Style

For the last 3 years, I have participated in the No Shave November Charity Drive.  It has been a great opportunity to raise awareness and funds for Cancer Charities (ie. St. Jude’s, American Cancer Society, Prevent  Cancer Foundation, and Fight Colorectal Cancer). This year I get to expand my horizons and add support several local charities (Race for Adam, Debbie Pieri Angel Foundation, Missionary Childhood Association, Angel 34 Charity, and Charity Water) in addition to the traditional charities.

This year I have the honor and pleasure of getting a whole school involved in this charity movement. Over the next month, while I grow my beard, the students will choose to sponsor one of the above charities. This will be “low-key” or “couch cushion” fundraising event. What that means is that I do NOT want students soliciting others for money.  I want to raise funds solely from students either finding money on the ground, in between couch cushion, or even if they want to contribute from a portion of their allowance. The class that raises the most money will get all of the funds raised by the school to go to their sponsored charity and be named the most charity class for the 2015-2016 school year and earn the 2015.2016 OLPH Pope Francis Award (a Pope Francis Bobblehead).

….and they also get to dye my beard the color of their choice during the first week of December…..

Mother Teresa said “Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love.”

During the month of November, this is how OLPH will be doing something small with great love, to be like Christ and help others. Thank you for your support.

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One Response to No Shave November Olph Style

  1. Lisa Hittinger says:

    What a great cause! My dad (and my kid’s grandfather) died of cancer a little more than a year ago. So this cause is definitely near and dear to our heart! God bless!


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