Last HSA Minutes-5/5/2016

I apologize for this being late in posting. God Bless! -Mr. Moser


HSA End of School Year Meeting
Rochelle Jones , HSA President opened the meeting.
Teachers were recognized for Teacher Appreciation week.
The Parish Commitment has been met and all monies have been paid back to the Parish for the 2015/2016 school year.
Gift Certificate Sales: Some families have not met their gift card purchase commitment.  Please make sure to fulfill your gift card obligation or the buy out option is still an option.  Any family that would like to do the buyout option at this time- may do so at $750.00.
Car line Volunteers : Car line volunteers are still needed.  Please contact Angel Weed if you are able to help out.  Beginning next year you may sign up to volunteer for weeks, or if one day a week works best for you.
Volunteer Luncheon:  The annual Volunteer Luncheon will be on Friday June 3.  Please join the HSA for a lunch to honor all of the volunteers who give their time to make Our Lady the best it can be.  Babysitting will be provided by our 8th grade.  Information on how to RSVP will come home on Monday, May 9th.
Harry L. Reese Scholarship: This year 8th grade students will be able to apply for the Harry L. Reese Scholarship.  One boy and one girl from applicants in 8th grade will be chosen to receive a scholarship of $500 towards a Catholic High-school of their choice. Details will be emailed to students as well as a paper copy.
Mrs. Olson, our 3rd grade teacher will be retiring this year.  We have been blessed with having her teach 3rd grade and we will miss her.
Mrs. Buonpane has been organizing our book-fairs for 21 years.  After  63 book-fairs, she will now move on to be our 7th grade teacher.  
HSA Board Member Announcement: Margie Shields will be our HSA Treasurer for the upcoming 2 year appointment.  
                                                      Krista Santos, Jessica Edris & Kirsten Piccini are running for HSA President.
                                                      Please check your emails for voting instructions.
Gift Certificate  Raffle Winner : Congratulations to the Kirk Family who won our Annual Gift Certificate raffle!
First day of school for the 2016/2017 school year will be August 29, 2016.
PR Update: Please follow us on social media,  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, & Pinterest!
Mr. Moser Principal:
May 13: May Procession 
            Closing date to vote for HSA President
            1/2 day- Noon dismissal
May 25-June 3: Final Exams
June 3: Volunteer Luncheon
June 8: 8th Grade Graduation 
            Talent Show
June 9: Kindergarten Graduation 
            1/2 day- Noon dismissal
June 10: Last day of School 10:30 dismissal
We are still in need of a volunteer to run our annual Talent Show.
Message delivered to Home and School, Board President, Rochelle Jones and Treasurer, Jennifer Rogers from Mr. Moser:
    ” Over the last two years, they have worked extremely hard to help our school.  I know that they have been extremely welcoming  to me and have helped my transition here to be very positive.  The students enjoy seeing the smiling faces of these ladies from time to time during the day and at many school events.  You both have been a treasure for our school during your terms.
The school would be at a huge loss, without our Home and School Association.  So, on behalf of the school community, thank you both for your time and service.
Jen thank you for your role as treasurer, I hope to see you as a room parent for the next 6 years or on some other committee.  And Rochelle, thank you for all that you have brought to our school community and most of all thank you for your enthusiasm.  Your contribution of the Carline has improved school security and student morale.  When the kids see the smiling perky parent faces and enthusiasm for school, it is a great way to start the day(regardless of what the NON morning people say).  We will miss you and we wish you and your family the best of luck in St Louis and hope that St. Louis knows what is coming their way.  Gob bless you both.”

4/8/2016-Coffee with the Principal Minutes

April 8, 2016 Coffee With The Principal Minutes

Opening prayer said by Mr. Moser.
Rochelle Jones HSA President:
Rochelle started the meeting thanking everyone for letting her have the opportunity to be HSA President.  Today’s meeting was Rochelle’s last coffee,she thanked everyone for their support , encouraged everyone to help the school thrive, give your time and love to the kids.
Tricky Tray did an amazing  job with great effort. Thank you the Committee Chairs, Christine Garrido and Melissa Vasquez.  Many thanks to all who donated their time and baskets as well. Denise McGee will transition to be Tricky Tray Committee Chair next year.
Volunteers for various committees have been filled:
Sheryl Kral and Jen Hartman will take over Jen Murphy’s job as the gift certificate coordinators. Suzanne Betterman and Steph DiSante will continue to run the gift certificate program.
Kirsten Piccini will be the chair person  for Vera Bradley/Coach Bingo. Margie Shields and Angel Weed will co-chair.
Uniform Closet –  Fran Raneri
Secret Santa & Christmas Angel Project : Stacey Clemmons
Carline volunteers:  One week a month car line volunteers are needed.  Angel Weed will be there daily please contact her if you can volunteer.
                             Younger children are welcome to come and wait inside .  
                             Please consider donating your time.
OLPH Night at Iron Pigs: information will be coming home shortly.
 Volunteer luncheon – The volunteer luncheon will be on June 3 at 12:30 pm. More information to follow.
 Coffee with the Principal minutes will be compiled and posted on Mr. Moser’s blog.  Meeting was recorded and notes compiled for use.
Gift cards :  gift cards are one of our biggest fundraisers, please support the program.  There are still families who have not met their obligation to meet the $2000 commitment.  
May 27 is the deadline to meet your requirement.
Nomination form went home for the opening for HSA President and the Treasurer, please consider nominating your self or someone else.
Jen Rogers HSA Treasurer
 $80,000 of our commitment has been paid back to the Parish, only a $5000 balance remains to be paid from HSA, and will be by the end of the school year.
Jodi Ruggiero HSA Vice President
Pretzel sales $315
TT 37602.67   last year this profit was  $36385.37
Upcoming fundraiser:  Menchie’s Yogurt on 4/27.  More detail will be coming home.
Dan Moser, Principal
Our Lady Vision Meeting
Meeting will also be on Monday night for people who can not be here this morning.
 Mr. Moser shared some items he has learned since taking over as Principal of OLPH.
He summarized his backround, current issues as well as counting himself blessed to be Principal of OLPH.
He also presented a slide show.
  Slide show Presentation:
 Mission & philosophy (slide)
“Preparing our Students and Families for Eternity” -Moser
Matt 16:26, Mark 8:36, Luke 9:25
OLPH Mission:
As a community of Clergy, families, and educators, we endeavor to meet the challenge of living the faith as modeled by Jesus, through worship, message,and service.  We recognize that Christian education is a lifelong process, and we share a ministry that encourages the child’s total development.  We strive to be caring individuals, who nurture the spiritual, intellectual, social, physical, and psychological well-being of our students. 
*My belief is that schools are more than just teachers and administrators, everyone (including custodians, secretaries, security teams,and cafeteria workers) that works in a school is part of each student’s education.
*Every adult in the school has the mission to ensure that students thrive.  Education at all levels should involve productive student-centered learning environments which enable and assist individual student achievement.
*1 Corinthians 12:27-Body of Christ
 Diocesan Curriculum
 WHAT: Curriculum from the Diocese Allentown.
All Elementary Schools in Diocese will be moving into Trimesters
HOW:Project Based Learning( intergration of History Day, PJAS,Spelling Bee, Geography Bee, and Declamation into the Curriculum)
STREAM Education
S:science, T:technology, R:religion, E:engineering, A:art, M:mathematics
Enrollment figures (slide)
2015-2016 Enrollment -as of July 2016  280 students
As of October 2016-Present 285 students
2016-2017 Enrollment : Presently 280 students
                                   Pending 4 students                  
                                   Inquiries 10 students 
Projected 294
School budget (slide)
Questions about budget : 1) Make an appointment
                                     2) Review with Principal
Projected Income: $1,373,964
Actual Income: $1,123,946.92
Budgeted Expenses: $1,362,239
Actual Expenses: $1,101,731.61
2016-2017 Tuition Needs to be coordinated with the Parish Subsidy.
By the end of the month  he should have the numbers and will send out via email
School identity (slide)
Continue-Weekly Masses, Religion Class, Religion integrated throughout subjects.
Goals-More Religious Involvement(Priests, Sisters, Brothers), Vocations
2) Academics
3) Proud to be an OLPHer
Miscommunication about the uniform – Mr Moser understands the strain this may put on families.
It’s indefinite phase-out of the uniform for now.
It wasn’t changed to just make a change- but to promote the new emblem.
Q: Is STREAM a concept being backed by the Diocese?
Yes, it is backed by the Diocese.
Q: Where will Algebra room be next year?:
Algebra will not be in the library next year and the staff will discuss at the upcoming faculty meeting
What options are there for a new location, there are none to be listed at this time.
Algebra room location was decided upon as a team. At a staff meeting the teacher resource room & Algebra room will be decided upon.
 Q: Will there be a Librarian? What is the process?What is the criteria and application process for ?
-Panel will interview and hire the vacant librarian position
-Will have advanced Literature in 6th grade.
 -4th & 5th grade will continue Enrichment the way it is currently.
Q:  What is the criteria for advanced literature?
 Enrichment is based on Iowa, report card and teacher’s recommendation.
Children are still responsible for the work they miss in class while at Enrichment.
Q: When will we know when certain changes will be made? When we are trying to make a decision about enrollment we would like answers.
Some options cannot be made until the end of the school year.  Teachers & Faculty are trying to come to a decision.
We will try to go and collectively figure out answers. An informative session needs to be available so solutions can come to fruition.
Q:Concerned about the Academic standard slipping.  Concerns about school academic not being above and beyond as it has been in the past.
Concerned about the education the 7th & 8th grade received.
As principal  concerns are being addressed, implementing solutions for the 7/8 grade class room.  As a principal it is discouraging that parents did not come to him personally with their concerns.  Some information can be misconstrued. 
Q:When you cant give answers, families will not register and then we will lose numbers.
We need to meet with staff and figure out the answers.  Mr Moser will try his best to come to the answers people are looking for.
The team is the teachers- you need to trust we will come up with a decision.
 Q: No first in math because of budget?
First in Math was not implemented this year, not because of any diocese decisions.
Do we have Math IXL? Some teachers have implemented this program and now have the licenses for the program.
Parents like the FIM  and think its great program- the Principal and teacher’s opinions are respected.
Parent asked if there’s a comparison will be done if math score will be lower this year? Scores will be analyzed.
Q:Why are we going to Trimesters?
It gives teachers more time to do more project based teaching.
This is not block scheduling.
Q: When is the budget submitted to the Diocese?
Q: As far as the budget goes; can you give us a run down on what it was spent on? Academics, etc.? For Monday’s meeting?
Its a very specific question, will bring a break down to Monday’s meeting.
Q: Will there be a parent survey?
We can make a time frame – originally it was for the month of May.  But we can change it to April.
Can an email go home asking for questions that can be answered at Monday’s meeting?
Some things have come up at this meeting – that can be addressed at Monday’s meeting.
Some of the budget is set aside for  teacher’s gifts and parent’s gifts.
Q: Are all teachers coming back?
At this point the only vacancy is library.
Teacher intent form was sent out and all were positive but contract is in June and things can occur between now and over the summer.
 Q: Will you have answers for families?
4/12 & 5/13 faculty meeting: to go over some of the issues brought up today.
Moving forward from Mr. Moser:
I’ll send out an email with survey today- please complete.
Opportunity for specific questions at Monday’s meeting.
Monday’s Vision meeting will be at 6:30pm in Marian Inn.
Please come to Mr. Moser with any questions.
Closing Prayer.

No Shave November Olph Style

For the last 3 years, I have participated in the No Shave November Charity Drive.  It has been a great opportunity to raise awareness and funds for Cancer Charities (ie. St. Jude’s, American Cancer Society, Prevent  Cancer Foundation, and Fight Colorectal Cancer). This year I get to expand my horizons and add support several local charities (Race for Adam, Debbie Pieri Angel Foundation, Missionary Childhood Association, Angel 34 Charity, and Charity Water) in addition to the traditional charities.

This year I have the honor and pleasure of getting a whole school involved in this charity movement. Over the next month, while I grow my beard, the students will choose to sponsor one of the above charities. This will be “low-key” or “couch cushion” fundraising event. What that means is that I do NOT want students soliciting others for money.  I want to raise funds solely from students either finding money on the ground, in between couch cushion, or even if they want to contribute from a portion of their allowance. The class that raises the most money will get all of the funds raised by the school to go to their sponsored charity and be named the most charity class for the 2015-2016 school year and earn the 2015.2016 OLPH Pope Francis Award (a Pope Francis Bobblehead).

….and they also get to dye my beard the color of their choice during the first week of December…..

Mother Teresa said “Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love.”

During the month of November, this is how OLPH will be doing something small with great love, to be like Christ and help others. Thank you for your support.

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New Year, New Principal!

Welcome to a new year at OLPH!  We have gotten off to a great year.  With three weeks under our belts the best word that comes to mind is “BLESSED”.  I am “blessed” to have the best faculty.  I am “blessed” to have outstanding students in our school.  I am “blessed” to have amazing parents and volunteers.  Finally, I am “blessed” to have the support of my wife and children. I truly believe that Our Lady of Perpetual Help School is the best, and I know that we will have a “blessed” year.  God Bless, and I look forward to what is in store.